Contact - Vaughn Johnson

I now do portraits! If you are Interested in having your portrait taken under the Auroras in the Kenai Area, please contact me (Vaughn Johnson) at or at 907-690-3222. please call during appropriate hours.

My Rates are simple. It is $75 for a night out shooting auroras, that will get you all digital photo copies unwatermarked at full resolution to have printed when and where you want. The option to have them printed on my website. Also if you have a camera of your own and would like to learn about shooting the lights I will give you hands on assistance as to the best of my capabilities. (I do not know all cameras, please have some knowledge as to how the manual functions on your camera work) This is a "you come to me" service, where we will set up a place to meet, and i will essentially text or call you to confirm weather or not lights are/could be out. If i am providing transportation there will be an additional charge or $25, and the hours might be long, so expect little sleep!

I mostly do the Kenai-Nikiski-Soldotna area, but I can travel further if needed. Pretty much Anywhere on the Kenai Peninsula is fair game. 

I can not promise the lights will be out, on any night, or even while somebody is in town. That is why i say i will contact you, I do not really have like "a certain date" for everybody i deal with, it is more just a "when it happens i'll call" type of deal. So don't think you are going to pay me then get skunked out on the day you picked, think of like if it happens you will get a call/text. I do the best for everybody i can to try to keep things fair.